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Work Based Learning

   Work Based Learning Program

WBL is a course that enables students to participate in a mentor-supervised, on the job training experience for career awareness and exploration. Students select a specific career field or industry’s entry level job in which to participate. The Work-Based Learning Programs Coordinator visits the job mentor to assess student performance and supervises the student in skill development. The student will maintain a portfolio containing records or weekly hours on the job, completed program participation forms and other required materials. Students may be placed in a paid or non-paid, mentor-supervised, on the job training experience.

Please complete the information below if you are interested in WBL for the 2023-2024 school year. Submission of this application and pertinent forms is your first effort for acceptance into the Work-Based Learning Program.  It is important that you read all of the application information so that your submission is correct and complete.  Submitted information will be used to determine program acceptance.


  • Students must be at least 16 years of age
  • Reliable transportation to and from work site
  • Excellent attendance, a good discipline record at school, be on track for graduation
  • CTAE teacher recommendation
  • Teacher recommendation (CTAE and/or Academic)
  • 11th Grade students must have successfully completed at least ONE CTAE course in their pathway
  • 12th Grade students must have successfully completed all THREE CTAE courses in their pathway

   2023-24 Spring Application

Applications are now being accepted for Spring Semester 2024! Due to limited spacing, it is imperative to have a completed Application Packet in order to be considered for Work-Based. The deadline is Friday, November 3 by the end of the school day.

The link to submit your official WBL Application Packet:

  1. Application: This must be opened using DocHub, Lumin PDF, or Adobe. Any Applications submitted using Google Docs will not be accepted. Once the application is completed and saved, you must attach it to the WBL Application Packet. Any not submitted through Application Packet link will not be looked at.
  2. Parent Acknowledgement: Each potential must have a Parent Acknowledgement completed by the parent/guardian. Each submission is reviewed to ensure it came from the parent/guardian. The forms are available in English and in Spanish. If your parent/guardian language is neither, please send me an email so that I can provide a form in his/her native language.
  3. Teacher Recommendations: Must have 3 on file (one should be from a CTAE teacher). It is ok to put all 3 teachers in 1 email and cc me on it rather than 3 different emails.

If you have ANY questions OR concerns, please contact Ms. Stanford in Room 400 or at